ulaanbaatar black market

Mongolia’s Black Market

They say you can get anything you want here at the Black Market in Ulaanbaatar. So what is it like to step into Mongolia’s busiest marketplace?

urumqi grand bazaar

More bizarre than bazaar

This market is promoted as a window to the Silk Road. Unfortunately it lacks authenticity and is just another symbol of the growth of tourism in China.

Historic shopping arcades in Cardiff, Wales

Arcade gains

The arcades of Cardiff were opened during a period of extreme wealth in the Welsh capital. Today you can still see them in all their Victorian glamour!

marrakech souk

Souk it all up

The heaving souks of Marrakech hit all your senses at once – the smell of spices mixing with the shouts of vendors and the vibrant colours of the goods.

inle market

Inle Lake’s local market

Slightly away from the tourist crowds of Inle Lake is the local market, about an hour’s bicycle ride from Nyaungshwe. It’s where the lake and the land meet.

yodpiman flower market

Flowers in the air

Bangkok’s flower markets are a 24 hour affair, where professionals and visitors can pick up some of the freshest produce in the country. Full of colour!