Kulen Elephant Forest, Siem Reap, Cambodia

A retirement home for elephants

When the elephant rides stopped at Angkor, the animals came to the forest. The sanctuary at Kulen may be ‘retirement’ for them, but it seems they can never be free.

Whale Valley, Wad Al-Hitan, Egypt

When whales walked the earth!

Whale Valley in the Egypt holds one of the greatest discoveries in the story of evolution – proof that whales once walked from land into the oceans.

walvis bay boat cruise

A coastal African safari

Off the coast of Namibia, a boat trip offers a special opportunity to get up close with some special marine wildlife.

cape ashizuri

The nature around Shimanto

The southern part of Japan’s Kochi region is full of incredible nature – including the Shimanto River, Tatsukushi Coast, and Cape Ashizuri.