gibraltar food

Food from a melting pot

Cultures from across Europe and North Africa have congregated in Gibraltar over the years. It makes for a diverse – and delicious – food festival each year.

notte della taranta

Dance away the spider’s bite

This is pretty much the biggest music event in Italy with more than 100,000 people gathering to drink, sing and dance like their lives depend on it!

belsonic festival

Belsonic waves

In a city with music in its soul, it’s only appropriate that a music festival of evening concerts runs all week long.

Wilderness Festival, England

Into the Wilderness

To call Wilderness Festival a music festival is to undersell it. This is an escape from busy London in a fairytale world of music and wellness,

bregenz festival stage

Behind the scenes of Bregenz’s lake stage

The lake stage for the annual opera festival in Bregenz is so famous it even featured in a James Bond film one time. Let me take you behind the scenes of the stage for The Magic Flute.