hamburg breweries

The brewery of the Hanseatic League

For hundreds of years, Hamburg was the ‘Brewery of the Hanseatic League’. Then the beer industry disappeared. Now, though, it’s making a comeback!

teeling whiskey tour

Fuel of the Liberties

Can you believe this is the first whiskey distillery to be built in Dublin in 125 years?! It seems Irish whiskey is having a resurgence and a Teeling Whiskey Tour in Dublin shows you how.

Cider houses, San Sebastian, Spain

Cider house rules

The Basque region of Spain around San Sebastian has a long tradition of making cider. You can see for yourself – but a visit to one of the cider houses is anything but normal!

cheap bars krakow

Cheap drinks in Poland

There’s lots of history and culture in Poland – enough to keep you entertained. But the other great entertainment is the bar scene – and it’s cheap!