Stari Grad Plain, Hvar, Croatia

Plain as day one

The Stari Grad Plain in Croatia is an incredible World Heritage Site, where the farming techniques haven’t changed in 2400 years!

Cameron Highlands hiking, Malaysia

A tea change

While it’s the cool climate and stunning views that attract most people to Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands, I think hiking is the best way to explore!

bali world heritage

Three causes of goodness

Before tourists arrived on Bali, the Indonesian island had developed a beautiful cultural landscape that’s still visible… but under threat.

citadel of the ho dynasty

The farmers of Ho Citadel

I went to this off-the-path World Heritage Site and was disappointed with what was left. Luckily, amongst the ruins, I found something even better!

batad rice terraces

An amphitheatre of rice

The Batad Rice Terraces form an amphitheatre of agriculture that have lasted for 2000 years. Here’s how you can get there yourself.

egyptian wine

Reviving the nectar of Ancient Egypt

It was once an important part of Ancient Egyptian culture but wine has virtually disappeared from the country. Now there is a small revival of the drink.