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The good and evil of Bali

Visiting Bali, Indonesia There’s a dichotomy to Bali. It’s all, ultimately, about belief and perception. It’s about how you see the world, how you see your place in it, and how you judge the reason for it all. On this Indonesian island, there is a pervasive spirituality. The Hindu doctrines which have influenced it for centuries (while the rest of the country has moved towards Islam) remain today. In fact, in some ways, never more in history have they been more important to the identity of this special place. I’ve written about the spirituality of Bali before. The basic idea around the beliefs of the locals here is the acceptance that the same force that does good also does evil. The two, according to the philosophies, are inseparable because to understand one, you must have experienced the other. On this trip, probably my fourth of fifth to Bali (I seem to have lost count),...

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26 November