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Protecting the world a seed at a time

Kew Gardens, London, England In the world of conservation, there’s a lot of emphasis put on the survival of endangered animals. The idea of an entire species being wiped off the planet forever because of the actions of humans makes most people feel an impotent meld of despair and anger. But, of course, animals are not the only living things at risk from the destructive nature of humans. Hundreds of plant species have been made extinct in the past few centuries and thousands more are at risk. It’s why the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in London established the Millennium Seed Bank Project. The Millennium Seed Bank is the largest off-site plant conservation project in the world. The aim is to collect the seeds of all the world’s wild plant species and protect them so, if something gets wiped out, it can be brought back to earth. The bank (housed in West Sussex)...

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14 May
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The rejuvenation of the crown

Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee It wasn’t so long ago, I recall, that the Royal Family was a bit of a joke. An entire generation of them seemed unable to keep their private lives out of the tabloids with their adulterous, gaffe-prone, toe-sucking scandals. And the response to it all from the top left the public wondering why these people should be representing them. Oh, what time, a bit of clever public relations, and a lot of pageantry can change! To see the crowds in the mall and around Buckingham Palace this afternoon – more than one hundred thousand of them – shows how far the monarchy has come in the past decade or two. To see a gathering of such size, flags waving, is a rare sight for a head of state in a western democracy. When they cheered in unison, three hip hip hoorays, there was a genuine warmth, love and admiration...

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06 June