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Sloth is not a sin

Sloth Sanctuary, Costa Rica Slowly. Just a little. He gradually opens his eyes. He looks around, lazily surveying the scene before him. Presumably the tree is the same and the walls are the same. The blurry shadows of people seen through dozy eyes look a bit different. But new people coming in here is normal. Everything seems in place and he closes his eyes again and drifts off. This is life for a sloth here at the Sloth Sanctuary on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. It is the refuge for local animals that have been injured or orphaned and need some gentle care. “It came on completely not under our control,” owner Judy Avey-Arroyo explains. “We gave in to the sloths 21 years ago.” Judy is American and she started the sanctuary with her late Costa Rican husband. It happened when they were setting up a hotel for birdwatchers – but animal welfare was...

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18 December